We are actively and substantially responsible
The presence of TOTTIS BINGO in the Greek market, for more than 45 years, we believe is inextricably linked to the ethos that governs our business activity and the respect received by our consumers, internal and external partners. The corporate social responsibility policy consistently followed by our companies consists of the following main axes and pillars for our sustainability.

The Society
With direct or indirect actions we support the Greek society. Practical proof is the fact that all of our products are produced exclusively in Greece. Our decision to support the Greek economy and society in the difficult times of recent years is unwavering.

We make sure that all of our employees come from the local communities where we operate. Our presence in the Florina Industrial Area for four decades makes this commitment even more important.

We give priority to Greek producers and suppliers of our raw materials. Because we want Greek agricultural societies to remain viable and competitive.

We respect our consumers, offering them high-quality products with the best possible quality-price ratio. We claim the strictest safety and quality certifications for our food. We are evolving research into foods with ever higher nutritional value.

The environment
The sustainability of natural resources is fatally linked to the sustainability of a food industry. We want the land, the adequacy and quality of the raw materials and the healthy farming communities to support us and to be supported by us.

For this reason, we oppose the use of genetically modified ingredients and support environmentally conscious producers who apply modern methods of land exploitation and respect natural resources.

For the same reason, we harmonize our operation with updated European environmental protection legislation. Through continuous investments, we upgrade the systems that reduce the environmental footprint of our activity. We recycle all packaging materials [plastics, papers] through a specialized recycling company, reduce energy consumption, reduce the use of wood by installing an FSC system in our company and aim for zero pollution, including for air, water and soil.

Health and Safety in the workplace
Across the company's spectrum of activities we foster a mindset that all workplace injuries and illnesses can and should be prevented.

We provide high-level training and have all the required resources [Personal Protective Equipment, Safety Technician, Occupational Doctor, Occupational Risk Assessment health and safety manual] available to our staff so as to continuously upgrade their knowledge in order to achieve the necessary professional competence for the job and supporting inter alia the development of health and safety knowledge and skills through recognition of the importance of the human factor in safety and health. We support and encourage the active participation & consultation of all the company's human resources, in submitting proposals with the aim of achieving continuous improvement of the Company's performance in matters of health & safety at work.

Prevention of all undesirable situations, elimination of risks and reduction of risks is carried out through the identification, assessment and regular updating of risks and opportunities for safety and health in the whole range of work and the adoption of safe technologies, practices, procedures for the prevention of emergency situations and accidents.

All health and safety incidents (accidents, near misses and unsafe situations) are thoroughly investigated to accurately identify, follow the defined response process and consistently implement appropriate corrective and preventive measures for the avoidance of recurrence of the events.

Grievance Policy
Tottis Bingo SA is open to anyone who has a grievance against a Rainforest Alliance certified procedure.

In addition, any worker, who has concerns about labor issues, health and safety issues or human right issues in our company, may refer to the grievances committee being appointed by the Administration.

All Grievances are addressed at the most direct level possible and will be treated with procedural fairness. Grievance committee managing a grievance case or approving a decision, run the process and review information in a fair and unbiased way and act in good faith to reach a resolution.

Grievance committee will keep records of all written communications and conversations, including date, time and a summary of issues discussed. Parties involved are requested to refrain from commenting publicly on the grievance until a decision is made and all parties have been informed accordingly.

Grievance committee will not share with other parties that are not part of the grievance process: (1) the identity of the parties involved in the grievance, (2) details of the grievance, or (3) the measures taken to resolve the grievance, unless there is a legal obligation to do so or if an involved party makes a public statement regarding such a complaint.

Grievance committee will accept both anonymous grievances and grievances from any external party, in which the complainant identifies him/herself, for this reason, anyone can send his/her complaint to the email located on the company's website.

Any person of Grievance committee must refrain from any form of retaliation against other concerned parties. Tottis Bingo SA reserves all rights to sanction any participant in the grievance procedure if they are found to have engaged in retaliatory action.

All parties involved in a grievance procedure are required to engage in the process in good faith and with a genuine desire to seek resolution.

Labor and human rights
We support all workers' labor rights and every legal claim (gifts, legal working hours, overtime, allowances, breaks, severance pay, etc.)

The employer's right is not abused so as not to offend the personality of the employees, which is why payments are always made on time. Also, no modification of the employment contract (as regards the place of work, time and all other parameters) is carried out, which could cause material or moral damage to the employee.

Child labor is prohibited. Working young people enjoy age-appropriate working conditions and are protected from economic exploitation or from any work that could harm their safety, health, physical, mental, moral or social development or endanger the their education.

All employees of the company have the right to equal opportunities. Equal treatment is a fundamental right in our company. Any discrimination based on an employee's sex, age, disability, racial or ethnic origin, religion, beliefs or sexual orientation is illegal.
For this reason the company:
• Prohibits any bad behavior to employees
• Supports the right to personal & religious freedom and safety
• Promotes equal treatment, freedom of expression, right to information and prohibits any discrimination in the company
• Defends the health and safety of employees