The quality cycle

At the TOTTIS Companies, quality is a value that we prove every day, through every product that reaches the hands of our consumers all over the world. Quality is an objective achieved through a great cycle of choices and practices, which is based on our experience of more than 45 years in the food production sector, and built around our respect for consumers. Our strategic objective of providing delicious, affordable products with a high nutritional value is achieved through a quality policy that consists of:
• selecting the best ingredients from certified suppliers;
• applying modern technology and constantly modernising our production lines;
• researching and developing new specifications, with the assistance of the experts in food and nutrition technology;
• ongoing training of our executives and staff in new methods and techniques of production control and organisation, quality management and food safety;
• monitoring legislation pertaining to the operation of the food industry and compliance with all required production specifications and nutritional specifications for our products;
• obtaining certifications and awards from the foremost international quality assurance institutions.