Nutritional specifications

You can taste our passion for flavour and truly top-quality ingredients in every product bearing the TOTTIS brand, in one way or another. Whether in the selection of vegetable oils for our snacks and crisps, in the fine corn flour, wheat flour or rice flour, or in the real cheddar cheese used in the former, but also in the premium potatoes used to make the latter so very popular. You will find it in every crunchy bite of wafer coated in excellent milk or dark chocolate. You will discover it in every fluffy croissant we make using traditional yeast and fresh - not powdered - pasteurized eggs, and in the rich filling with real cocoa cream or authentic hazelnut praline.
At the same time, our dedication to the principles of a good diet and consumer health is proven through a series of commitments that we adhere to without exception:
• we never use genetically modified ingredients;
• we never use artificial colourings;
• we don't use preservatives, with the exception of a minimal quantity of preservatives required for the production of croissants;
• we never use preservatives, artificial thickeners and food colourings in the cream fillings and pralines of our croissants.
• We use only choice varieties of flour to produce our bread chips. For example, we use Kornspitz®, an internationally patented type of multigrain flour with a high nutritional value to produce the TOTTIS Kornspitz® product range.